Rugged computers improve the mining industry
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5 ways rugged computers improve the mining industry

The mining industry is a great showcase for the uses of rugged computers. The tough environment requires devices that can deal with a wide range of abuse. There is dust flying literally everywhere, all the vehicles will be vibrating, humidity is high, and if your drop the device, every surface is hard. It´s easy to see why mines need devices that are rugged. Here´s how rugged computers improve the mining industry.

How rugged computers improve the mining industry

Machine Guidance

Modern mines use digital guidance systems for their machines and these are controlled with rugged computers. The guidance software will assist with precise digging, drilling, and much more. It also allows for a safer work environment during dangerous applications like drill-and-blast. The precision offered by rugged computers improves mining by reducing waste and minimizing the resources used.


Surveying is a big part of the mining industry and another case of how rugged computers improve the mining industry by saving time. Huge areas need to be mapped using GPS and GIS (geographic information system). The operators who use rugged handhelds for GPS mapping and geotagging save a lot of time and get an edge on the competition. Read more about how surveyors use Handhelds Algiz tablets in the Australian desert.


Safety inspections are performed regularly on the mining operations, the companies have to make sure that everything is up to regulations. Mines are a hazardous place to work and the safety of the employees needs to be controlled. The mining operators also have to make sure that they do not pollute the environment or risk the health of people living nearby. These inspections are performed and logged on Rugged computers.

Rugged handhelds can be docked in the vehicles and help the inspector navigate the huge mines and then be easily removed and used with only one hand. All the data can be communicated in real-time which helps taking action quickly when an issue is found.

Data collection and analytics

A mine that acts proactively with its maintenance ends up saving both time, money and at the same time improves employee safety. Rugged computers improve mining operations by predicting maintenance needs. It collects and analyzes data that will show trends and recurring maintenance needs. Sensors gather data on air quality, fuel consumption, temperatures, and much more.

Communication and managing the fleet

Large mines require a large number of vehicles and if operations are to run in efficient manner coordination and communication are key. With rugged computers, the drivers can communicate across both wifi and cellular network. V2X systems allow for communication both vehicle-to-vehicle and with the control centers while built-in GPS helps with organizing.

Tough vehicle docks keep the Tablets and PDA´s within reach and unaffected by the harsh vibrations.

For a deeper dive into the uses of rugged devices in the mining industry check out how Handhelds devices are used. Interested in how other industries use rugged computers? Here´s how they streamline forest management.