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3 areas where rugged computers streamline industrial manufacturing


Maintenance crews can use rugged computers with RFID scanners to keep track of all kinds of daily tasks and provide real-time status updates. By quickly collecting and transferring accurate data, this helps them make sure that maintenance schedules are on track.

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Quality and inventory control

For versatile quality and inventory control, rugged handhelds are a perfect choice since they can either be mounted in vehicles or carried with hand straps, pistol grips, and other smart and ergonomic accessories.

Rugged computers with scanners effectively track and monitor inventory during the manufacturing process without you having to worry about the toughness of the device.

The Handheld Algiz RT8 is a brand new rugged tablet ready for the most demanding tasks.


You can also implement your current diagnostic instruments with a rugged computer to increase speed, consistency, and safety for engineers inspecting equipment.

Rugged mobile computers are built for being used in tough environments such as on an industrial manufacturing floor. They’ll help you improve many aspects of your work but above all improve the outcome for your customers.

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