handheld nautiz x6 in logistic environment
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3 areas where rugged computers can help streamline logistics operations

1. Inventory and quality control

During the transport of goods, being able to monitor inventory is key to ensuring that the goods are where they’re supposed to be. Rugged computers can be mounted in vehicle docks or similar solutions to track and monitor the inventory.

The computers’ ruggedness means that they can perform this task in varying supply chains environments. All of Handheld’s rugged computers have an ingress protection of IP65 or higher, meaning they’re ready to face both dust and water.

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handheld nautiz x9 in logistic environment
Handheld Nautiz X9

2. Communication

Most rugged computers come with connectivity ports and communication options. For drivers who are out on the road, these are vital for communicating with dispatchers and trying to perform logistical tasks.

Paired with smart communication management software, rugged computers make you more efficient when confirming deliveries, planning terminal loading times, booking ferries, gathering freight agreements, and monitoring customer payments.

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trucks on bridge

3. Shipping and delivery

Many rugged computers also have built-in scanners or the option for scanning or RFID accessories. These barcode and RFID scanning capabilities give rugged handhelds and tablets the ability to track inventory during loading, transport, and unloading so you know exactly where each item is at any given time.

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handheld algiz rt7 in logistic environment
Handheld Algiz RT7

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