Top 5 features of the Handheld ALGIZ RT8

Handheld’s Algiz RT8 is one of the most versatile rugged Android tablets on the market. Designed with the needs of modern field workers in mind, it offers an easy way to boost efficiency. Jesper Bengtsson, Sales Manager of Handheld Europe, has shared his top five features of this versatile device. Here’s what makes the Algiz RT8 a top choice for tough tasks.

1. Dedicated GNSS Receiver

Much like the bigger Algiz RT10, Algiz RT8 comes equipped with a dedicated GNSS receiver chipset. A feature that ensures top-notch precision when taking data points in the field or navigating in a city. It offers a level of reliability that far exceeds that of a typical smartphone, making it a trusted companion for fieldwork.

2. Function Buttons

The tablet features 3 function buttons that can be programmed to quickly access any application with just one push. Whether you need to pull up a map, take a picture, or launch a scanning program, these buttons can be customized to your preference, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

3. Long-Lasting Battery

One of the standout features of the Algiz RT8 is its large 8200mAh battery. This powerful battery easily allows for a full day of work without the device dying. With the screen at 80% brightness, the battery can last for an impressive 17 hours. This significantly outperforms the competition, with the average consumer tablet or smartphone lasting around 7 hours.

4. Wide Range of Accessories

Handheld always make sure that there is an ecosystem of accessories surrounding their products and the Algiz RT8 still manages to stand out. It’s compatible with a vast range of accessories that enhance its versatility even further. From simple to advanced vehicle mount solutions, these accessories can be connected through the interfaces built into the device, known as Pogo pins. The rugged tablet has pole mounts, desktop docks, hand straps, and shoulder carriers. Basically, you can mount or carry it any way you want.

5. MaxGo Software Suite

The Algiz RT8 comes with the MaxGo Software Suite, which includes staging and device management software. This software allows for quick deployment of any amount of devices with the same settings. It makes it easy to remotely track the devices from a personal computer, adding a layer of convenience for users.

The Handheld Algiz RT8 is a multifaceted and efficient tablet that offers advanced features and excellent usability. With its dedicated GNSS receiver, function buttons, long-lasting battery, a wide range of accessories, and MaxGo Software Suite, it is a reliable choice for anyone that needs a tablet that can take a beating.