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Year in review: Our top picks from 2019

Announcements of 2019

During 2019 we saw loads of announcements affecting the rugged technology. Qualcomm released new chipsets and modems paving way for 5G and Google improved the Android experience in many ways.

At the end of 2019, Qualcomm announced its latest mobile chipsets at the annual Snapdragon Tech Summit.

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How rugged computers streamline several industries

This year we started to write more about in which ways rugged computers can help streamline your specific industry. Whether the challenges come from weather, extreme temperatures or tough work situations, there are many ways to benefit from rugged technology.

handheld nautiz x2 used for utilities
Gas, water and electric utilities are using ultra-rugged computers to increase productivity in all aspects of their work.

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Deep dives into rugged technology

Together with our guest bloggers, we’ve dug more deeply into topics such as the drop spec, drones for field workers and more.

drone flying
Believe it or not, drones may well become part of your job.

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Our tips and tricks

We’ve also let you know how to enhance the experience using your rugged computer. Don’t miss out on our security tips, how you can free up space or what expansion can do for your device.

handheld nautiz x6
As technology evolves, we’re more exposed than ever through our mobile devices.

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