World-leading logistics company expands agreement with rugged computer manufacturer

sp400x imprinter

Rugged computer manufacturer Handheld Group will develop the next generation of Imprinter for the world’s leading package delivery company.

An extended partnership

After extending their partnership with what is described as the world’s leading package delivery company, Handheld Group will be developing the next generation turnkey solution for innovative package sorting and printing across the customer’s package sorting facilities.

The new agreement stretches the existing partnership beyond 2023 and includes the deployment of a new package sorting and printing device to replace the existing SP400X imprinter, which has been in use since 2012.

Thomas Löfblad, Handheld Group’s Vice President of Global Sales says:

The decision to expand our partnership is a testimony to the productivity improvements and the increased efficiency that our solution has provided.

Designed with inkjet printer technology licensed from Hewlett-Packard (HP), the next generation imprinter provides further improvements to package sorting efficiency. Jerker Hellström, CEO of Handheld Group adds:

We are pleased to have been chosen again to work together with this world-leading company and extend our partnership long term.

About the imprinter

The existing version, Handheld SP400X Imprinter is a unique device that combines 2D scanning and inkjet printing. It’s designed to scan shipping labels, retrieving information from a back-office database via Wi-Fi and then printing specific sorting information directly onto the same objects that were scanned, without adding labels.

sp400x imprinter 3

The SP400X is optimized for high-volume scanning and can print on nearly any material such as cardboard, packing tape, or glass. It can dramatically improve productivity in sorting and labeling processes, resulting in significant savings on paper and resources.

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