delivering rugged computers in ghana while visiting AccuGeospatial
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Visiting AccuGeospatial in Ghana

About AccuGeospatial

AccuGeospatial have got a long experience within the business and have implemented solutions and services in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Liberia.

The company is a key regional player in geographic information engineering and offers their expertise to global, bilateral, national, state, public, NGO and private organizations.

The Handheld Nautiz X9 is a perfect tool for GIS and GPS solutions.

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Rugged Computers in Africa

In their solutions, AccuGeospatial uses a wide range of rugged computers to cover the needs of their customers. As we’ve previously highlighted here on the blog, the durability of mobile devices in these regions is highly valued.

broken screen smartphone
Damaged devices becomes more and more expensive to repair.

Due to rising repair costs, fragile devices that easily gets damaged are a big risk for many companies. For example, repairing a high-end device with screen problems in Nigeria can cost you up to 150 000 NGN (equals around $420).

The consequence of this is that many people simply dump their damaged devices as they can’t afford to repair them. In other words, rugged computers have a vital role to play here.

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The visit in Ghana

During his stay in Ghana, our representative Carsten got to share knowledge with people in the business and got to experience some nice food and interesting locations. Enjoy our image gallery below.

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