Top 5 features of the Handheld NAUTIZ X9

In the world of rugged handheld devices, the Handheld Nautiz X9 stands out as a favorite among users and experts alike. Carsten Billeschou, Managing Director of Handheld Europe, APAC, Italy, and Benelux, has shared his insights on why this device is his personal favorite. Here are the top five features that make the Handheld Nautiz X9 an excellent choice.

1 – Unmatched Durability

The Nautiz X9 is a testament to toughness. With an IP67 rating and full military standards, it boasts a high resistance to temperature, shock, and drop. Its ruggedness is evident in its design and feel, making it one of the most durable PDAs in existence. This device is built to withstand the harshest environments, making it a reliable companion for fieldwork.

2 – Compact and User-Friendly Design

Despite its ruggedness, the Nautiz X9 is incredibly compact. The device features a clear, five-inch screen that occupies most of the front space. It is designed for outdoor use, offering easy readability even in direct sunlight or rain, and can be operated with gloves on. Its user-friendly design makes it the perfect field device.

3 – Versatile Barcode Scanner

Adding to its versatility, the Nautiz X9 comes with an integrated barcode scanner. This feature is particularly useful for warehouse management and logistics. However, for those who don’t require this feature, the device also comes in a version without a barcode scanner. When used with the barcode scanner, the device can be equipped with accessories like a pistol grip for ease of use in a warehouse environment.

4 – Well specced

The Nautiz X9 is not just rugged and versatile, but also well specced. It runs on Android 11, is Google GMS certified, and is Android Enterprise recommended. The device also comes with Handheld’s free-of-charge MaxGo mini MDM Suite. It features a Wi-Fi module, a 4G module, a Bluetooth connector, and GPS, making it an extremely versatile and compact device.

5 – Great battery performance

The Nautiz X9 is equipped with an easy-to-change battery that can last for at least two shifts before needing a charge. It also features a docking pin connector for charging and compatibility with desktop docks and vehicle docks.

NAUTIZ X9 – One of the best in the market

In addition to these top features, the Nautiz X9 comes with a range of accessories, including battery chargers, multiple docks, various holders, and carry cases. These accessories enhance the mobility of field workers and allow them to operate the device in any environment.

The Handheld Nautiz X9 is a rugged, compact, and versatile device that offers advanced specifications and long battery life. It is an excellent choice for those in need of a reliable and efficient handheld device. As Carsten Billeschou puts it, it’s “one of the best in the market” and comes at an “extremely attractive price point”.