The best of 2020: Our top picks from the past year

Announcements of 2020

As usual, there were a bunch of interesting announcements and releases this year. For example, Android 11 rolled out, Qualcomm pushed the limits with their new chipsets, and Apple and Google collaborated on a coronavirus tracking system.

apple and google coronavirus tracking system logo
In early April, Apple and Google announced that they’re working on a system that will track the coronavirus.

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How and where to benefit from rugged computers

This year, we looked further into in which way specific industries can be streamlined thanks to the deployment of rugged computers, resulting in some really interesting solutions.

Rugged computers are built for the toughest environments, making them a perfect fit for the defense industry.

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Smart new innovations

We highlighted many smart new innovations this year, such as long-range barcode scanning with 4G/LTE connectivity, how to share files easily on Android, and how you can scan barcodes on devices that doesn’t have an integrated barcode scanner.

handheld nautiz x2 long-range scanner video thumbnail
The Handheld Nautiz X2 rugged computer has a unique long-range scanner enabling barcode reading from 15cm up to 15m with 4G/LTE connectivity.

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Deep dives into rugged technology

As for previous years, we’ve also had guest appearances on the blog providing great insight and knowledge into rugged technology. For example, Conrad H. Blickenstorfer from talked about the Android migration opportunity.

According to Conrad H. Blickenstorfer, the migration to Android represents another great opportunity for vendors of rugged handheld technology.

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