SP500X ScanPrinter barcode scanner and printer
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SP500X ScanPrinter – Upgrade the old barcode scanner and printer

The SP500X ScanPrinter is a wearable, all-in-one solution for scanning and printing. It’s a revolutionary piece of technology for all types of logistics operations, but what exactly sets it apart from the traditional barcode scanner and printer?

It’s fairly easy to see how it can provide an upgrade on a barcode scanner connected to a separate, stationary printer. It removes a piece of equipment entirely and makes the worker much more mobile. However, there are other mobile devices on the market with a barcode scanner and printer built into one. So how does the SP500X measure up against other solutions and what separates it from the rest? 

The old barcode scanner and printer use labels

Labels have become a bit of the industry standard and it’s also what other handheld barcode scanners and printers use. The labels come with several flaws which will cause unnecessary problems. With the SP500X you instead print directly onto the package, here is why it’s superior.

Barcode scanner and printer problems with labels.

Firstly, the worker will have a long label liner hanging off the device, getting in the way and getting stuck. It’s simply messy. That same mess will also end up as unnecessary waste, not a very environmentally friendly solution. With the SP500X, well there are no labels so you get neither of these problems.

Label rolls will also need to be replaced fairly often and you end up with a pile-up that causes packages to go astray. The ScanPrinter on the other hand is good for 6000 prints without needing anything to be replaced, no pile-ups.

There is also the problem of mislabeling. A traditional label always runs the risk of being damaged when applied. A wrinkled label is going to be hard to read at best and impossible to scan at worst. Printing the ink directly onto the package is actually a more reliable solution in this regard. Changing the speed at which you move your hand mid-print won’t have any effect on the result at all. It’s also completely mess-free and the ink will dry instantly and it’s surprisingly easy to use.

There’s a difference between handheld and wearable

The other devices that provide barcode scanning and printing built into one are generally designed with a pistol grip. While this is easy to hold and certainly an upgrade on stationary printers would it not be better to not have to hold anything at all? The SP500X ScanPrinter is instead a fully hands-free wearable, mounted on top of the user’s hand. It will completely free up both of the worker’s hands.

A handheld device will have to be put down every time the user needs both hands to move an item. It adds unnecessary time to the process and puts additional stress on the worker. A stressed worker is likely to not put the device down and move bulky items one-handed, leading to packages being dropped and damaged. It’s not going to be very ergonomic either and you will end up with a more injury-prone workforce.

Weight matters

An old barcode scanner and printer weigh on you, literally. Not only is the SP500X a hands-free solution, but it’s also lighter than the competition. When you lift a device hundreds of times each day the weight adds up. A lighter device that simultaneously allows the use of both hands when moving packages is a surefire way to improve working conditions. A tired worker makes mistakes and injuries due to attrition are definitely something everyone wants to avoid.

Instant updates to your WMS

With the SP500X you will always know where every item is in the logistics chain. Once it scans a barcode it will instantly send that information to your warehouse management system and keep it updated on the location. In return, the WMS will transmit the next stop for the item and the ScanPrinter will print it directly onto the package. All of this happens instantly and there will be no waiting time. It provides wide compatibility and is certified for use with Descartes ShipTrack™ which is one of the leading platforms for logistics management. 

To summarise

The SP500X ScanPrinter measures up extremely well against the old barcode scanner and printer solution. In fact, there is a good argument to be made that it’s superior in every way. One of the world’s largest logistics companies agrees with it. But you don’t have to take their word for it, take the chance to see the ScanPrinter in action. Handheld Group is very active in participating in logistics trade shows, check the calendar here to see which event would fit your schedule. For U.S residents we highly recommend meeting up with Handheld at Promat in Chicago for your own live demonstration.