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Soon you will be able to update an Android app while using it

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Google has come up with new ways of updating your apps, and one is more noticeable than the other.

Immediate in-app update

In the future, Android developers will have more options of how to tell their users to update to new app versions. For critical updates such as security-related ones, developers can communicate a so-called Immediate in-app update.

It means that the user is given a full-screen message telling them there’s an update available. If the user wishes not to update at the moment, there’s a “Not now” option to choose.

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Here’s what Google‘s new ways to update apps look like in practice.

Flexible in-app update

What might be more interesting is Google’s new API that allows users to continue using their apps without waiting for updates. Instead, the app updates in the background and installs automatically in order to be ready for the next time the user opens the app.

These new features are currently being tested on a few apps on the Play Store. But the plan is to shortly roll out these features to more Android users.

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