GIS Professionals use Nautiz X8
In the Field

Rugged Handhelds in Asset Management

Asset and inventory management allows a company to keep track of its assets, saving both time and money. It can tell you where your assets are located, how they are being used, how long they’ve been deployed and when they need to be replaced. It also allows you track when maintenance tasks have been performed or are needed. Proper asset management can help optimize your operations.

Nautiz X8 for GIS

Rugged handhelds are commonly used in asset management. For example, GIS contractors are using the Nautiz X8 rugged data collector to record utility pole measurements for telecommunications companies — and as a result, they’re improving efficiency, saving significant time and increasing profits. They use the Nautiz X8 to record information such as utility pole height, weight-bearing capacity, strand clearance, height and type of conductors, anchoring data and distance between neighboring poles.

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