Quick custom setups with Handheld’s MaxGo Suite

Smart Mobile Device Management

MaxGo Manager is the smart mobile device management solution included in the MaxGo Suite that helps users to organize devices into groups, assign unique group configurations, and monitor devices out in the field.

The free software solution is designed with an easy-to-use interface, making it quick and easy for users to change system and client settings, run staging scripts, and more.

Learn more about MaxGo Manager.

Quick custom setups and easy deployments

The MaxGo Suite also enables capabilities to deploy preferred settings and applications via a project file, barcode, or an RFID card by using MaxGo Staging.

In an online platform, customers can set and apply configurations which they later can export and deploy in their preffered way as mentioned above.

Learn more about MaxGo Staging.

Apps making devices easier to use

There are also a bunch of apps developed for dedicated functions in the field such as different Kiosk modes which will limit the user to specific functions, the Display Mode app with mirroring features from devices to external monitors, and more.

Learn more about the MaxGo Android Apps.

Watch the video on top of this page to learn more about the entire MaxGo Suite.