PigCHAMP app rugged pda

PigCHAMP releases Mobile App

PigCHAMP Mobile App

The Mobile App is the latest addition to PigCHAMP’s handheld data entry systems and aims to bring users greater opportunities.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

This new app allows for remote data entry of PigCHAMP Reproductive information while providing reporting functionality and validation to users in real-time.

Features that come with the new app are such as Bluetooth-enabled RFID functionality, barcode scanning using the camera on the device, and multi-device and user options.

By reviewing data in the app, producers can use it to make the right decisions at the right time, saving both time and money in the long run.

Nautiz X2 - PigCHAMP
The app is compatible with both iOS devices and Android devices, such as the Handheld Nautiz X2.

Get more details in PigCHAMP’s press release.

Rugged computers for swine-management

Given that swine-management is a business often located in humid and unpleasant environments, the durability of the tools being used is vital. To run applications such as PigCHAMP’s latest Mobile App on rugged computers, therefore, makes the perfect fit.

One good example is the students at Iowa Lakes Community College’s Swine Training Center that used Handheld’s rugged computers together with PigCHAMP swine-management software.

PigCHAMP releases Mobile App for pork producers
The Handheld Nautiz X4 rugged PDA helped to move the pork industry forward.

Assisted by this reliable equipment and professionals at Newton Pork in Iowa, USA, the students were able to help Iowa’s pork industry stay innovative and competitive.

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