The Technology

Nimo smart glasses – A wearable laptop

Wearables are currently one of the fastest-growing tech trends and for good reason, they simply make life easier. They will help you keep track of your health as well as work in a healthier and more efficient way. The Nimo smart glasses are addressing a new need and a growing trend. They are aimed at increasing productivity and making life easier for remote workers that no longer use a single location as a workplace.

Smart glasses are a piece of wearable tech that has not yet managed to transfer into everyday use. A wide range of glasses has been launched with a bunch of different purposes, everything from AR technology to BlueTooth speakers and cameras. None of them has really seen any big success. Now Nimo smart glasses is looking to change this. Wearing the glasses is basically like strapping a tiny computer with six different screens to your head.

The first truly wireless wearable display

Nimo is not the first pair of smart glasses that act as a wearable display. There are other actors on the market, like hardware giant Lenovo, but they all require you to plug a wire into a computer or smartphone. This kind of defeats the purpose of the wearable, especially for someone that wants to drag around as little as possible while working remotely at a café.

The Nimo smart glasses separate themselves by being completely wireless. They have their own built-in battery as well as processor so you can leave your laptop at home. In fact, you can use them without a single extra tool. You can just look at things on the virtual screen and tap the side button to click. The glasses are also compatible with BlueTooth and can be controlled by either using your smartphone as a trackpad or connecting a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Nimo smart glasses – 6 displays on your nose

If you are used to working with several displays, or even a single big one, moving over to a small laptop is going to feel limiting. Nimo glasses are fitted with dual displays at the edge of each lens. These will then show you up to 6 virtual screens, allowing you to multitask no matter where you are. You can just turn your head and view the different applications you have open. 

The smart glasses are powered by their own Nimo OS, which is based on a forked Android version. So they will be compatible with most Android apps but you have to go through open-source app stores to download them since they aren’t certified for the Google Play store.

Geared towards a single purpose

Nimo Planet, the company behind the Nimo smart glasses, has purposefully left some common features out. For instance, the glasses do not have any speakers, cameras, or 5G connectivity. The purpose is productive work and multi-tasking with several screens. The company is intentionally keeping the hardware as simple as possible in order to keep the focus on multi-screen productivity.

So the glasses won’t replace your smartphone, nor will they replace computers that do heavier work like photo editing. The product is simply very focused on doing one thing very well. If you work a lot with writing and project management apps this is possibly the tool for you.

Nimo smart glasses are currently in beta and they are planning to start shipping them out during 2023. For a fee, you can already pre-book your pair of Nimos for the price of $679.

Quick facts

  • Weight: 120g (final version planned to be around 90g)
  • Battery time: 3h
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Sizes: There are currently two different sizes
  • Price: Pre-booked – $19 + $679, otherwise $799
  • Charging: Charge them in the carrying case with USB-C