Handheld headquarters at night

MilDef has acquired Handheld Group

The two companies announced the acquisition on the 12th of September 2022, MilDef has acquired Handheld Group. MilDef and Handheld Group point out synergies in several areas and company cultures that match up very well. Handheld will continue to run its business separately in the MilDef Group and the Handheld brand will stay. Work on realizing all of the synergies will, however, start immediately. 

With a quickly growing demand for Android units in the military sector, it’s easy to see the mutual benefits. MilDef can instantly provide a more complete product range while Handheld reaches a broader customer base.

Handheld Group and MilDef in short

The two companies do have a lot in common so it’s easy to see how the company cultures will match up well. Both were funded in Sweden in the year 1997 and they both work with equipment that can take a beating.

MilDef – Providing tactical IT solutions

MilDef is a global provider of tactical IT solutions that are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm small cap, they provide custom-made hardware as well as software. On the hardware side, they manufacture intelligent displays, laptops, tablets, handhelds and a wide range of electronics like routers, switches, power units, etc. All of it is rugged and made to operate in tough environments. They provide complete IT systems that are made to be deployed rapidly in tactical field operations.

“The acquisition of Handheld serves several purposes for MilDef’s expansion. Product wise, we strengthen areas where MilDef previously have had some gaps, from an organisational perspective MilDef gains access to prioritised geographic markets and operationally both businesses are equipped with competences and capabilities that will complement one another. An aspect that is extra interesting is Handheld’s successful business in the US, where we see good potential to accelerate together through joint forces in this important market. The companies have limited overlaps and complement each other well. Together, we look forward to building something greater and better. It is with great joy that we welcome Handheld’s staff to the MilDef-family.”

Björn Karlsson, CEO MilDef Group

Handheld Group – Manufacturing rugged mobile computers

Handheld Group is a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers that operate globally. They offer a wide range of rugged handhelds, rugged tablets and wearables, everything is constructed for rough treatment. Their equipment is used in a wide range of industries like mining, logistics, forestry, industry, security and military to name a few.

“It is rare that two companies within the same area of business not only complement each other’s businesses in such a good way but are also likeminded in company culture with a strong team spirit as one of many important success factors. I am excited about the possibilities that this creates and look forward to continuing building Handheld under the MilDef umbrella. This deal will help us boost our future businesses moving forward.”

Thomas Löfblad, CEO, Handheld Group

Synergies on many levels

The two company’s products and solutions complement each other well, allowing them both to provide more value to their customers by offering a complete portfolio. MilDef and Handheld Group both operate with the goal of providing real value to their customers with high-quality solutions. As previously mentioned, the demand for Android-powered rugged handhelds in the defence sector is growing quickly. Handheld Group provides a wide range of Android units, among them the brand new Algiz RT10. Both companies will benefit from this, MilDef through a broader offering and Handheld through a bigger sales network.

MilDef primarily operates in the defence and military sectors and will now get prime opportunities to provide solutions for other industries that operate in the field. Handheld on their hand will get a much brother connection to the aforementioned defence and military sectors.

Perhaps just as important is how well their geographical markets complement each other which will provide a wider network and bigger customer base. Björn Karlsson, CEO of MilDef, specifically mentions Handheld’s success in the U.S market, where he sees strong growth opportunities.

Furthermore, the CEOs of both companies highlight how well their cultures and values align, a culture built upon inclusion and with a focus on team spirit is something they both value. Read the official statements from both companies on handheldgroup.com and mildef.com.