Algiz 10X sunlight readable display
The MaxView display works very well under almost all lighting conditions
The Technology


Screen technology is an important feature of a rugged mobile computer. At Handheld, we use both resistive and capacitive displays. Resistive touchscreens have long been the preferred screen technology for rugged devices but as capacitive touch technology improves, that is slowly changing. Handheld MaxView screen technology represents Handheld’s commitment to a ruggedized screen that is viewable in challenging outdoor conditions. We build screens that maximize outdoor performance in a wide temperature range and withstand vibrations and drops. Whether in a capacitive or resistive display, we go to great lengths to strengthen the most vulnerable component of the device and ensure that our devices are readable even in direct sunlight without sacrificing battery power. It’s a fine balance.

Algiz 8X capacitive rugged tablet in sunlight
Algiz 8X capacitive rugged tablet

One of the techniques we use on some of our MaxView displays is a process called optical bonding. Those displays are built from three layers: an LCD layer, then a touch panel, and finally a bottom layer of glass. For our Algiz 8X rugged tablets, Handheld MaxView screen technology uses this special optical bonding process to “melt” these layers together. By combining these layers, the screen is stronger and reflections are minimized. MaxView makes the display vibrant and readable under virtually all viewing conditions. According to one reviewer “MaxView technology also increases contrast ratio, eliminates the parallax effect and condensation between layers, and provides extra durability and impact absorption. You get exemplary outdoor viewability as well as glare and reflection-free operation.”