Long-range barcode scanning with 4G/LTE connectivity

When a “normal” scanner isn’t enough

If you’re struggling with scanning barcodes on a long-distance, a long-range barcode scanner is great. But what if you’re working outdoors and need 4G/LTE connectivity to transfer your data?

Well, there’s a solution. Handheld has developed a long-range barcode scanner compatible with the Handheld Nautiz X2 rugged computer enabling barcode reading at distances up to 15m – with 4G/LTE connectivity.

The rugged computer easily slides in the included pistol grip.

Suitable for many industries

This accessory is a perfect fit for any type of environment where you need a rugged device, outdoor connectivity, and barcode reading from a long or a short distance.

The scanner comes with an ergonomic pistol grip with a separate battery for an extra-long lifetime in environments such as ports, yards, timbers, forestry, or sawmills.

Learn more about the Handheld Nautiz X2 long-range barcode scanner.

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