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Innovate your organization with Android Enterprise

Why chose Android Enterprise for your business?

Except for the fact that Android Enterprise connects your mobile workforce with a big focus on security, management, and capabilities to fit any kind of industry – it’s also specifically designed and developed with the business user in mind.

The idea is to customize each corporate-owned device uniquely, both with management controls and for private usage of the device. This enables you to become a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) user at your workplace.

With Android Enterprise you can easily bring your device of choice to a meeting or take it out in the field. There you’ll have your files from the office synchronized and ready for you, as well as access to all your personal data.

Android Enterprise 

Flexible management

But how do you manage and control what should be available and not on your employees’ phones?

To fit any business there are several management options in Android Enterprise. The different options can provide devices that either are strictly locked down, personally-enabled or made for single-user scenarios. Below we’ll describe the options a bit further.

  • Business only – Android Enterprise lets you enjoy full device management by enabling several policy controls over the entire device. By using this mode you’re in full control of the devices owned by your organization in terms of apps and data.
  • Personally-enabled – In the latest Android version – Oreo, you’re offered using the device with a work profile. While the company owns the device, the users can access their personal apps as well as keeping their data separate from it.
  • Single-use – If you have a specific purpose that you want to deploy your device for, this mode is probably the best choice. For example, it enables you to suit the device for a specific employee or customer-facing scenarios. Controls of the lock screen, status bar, keyboard, screen, as well as system updates can all be done remotely by the IT-department.

Test drive the Android Management Experience.

There are also several deployment options to simplify the setup process available. You might be familiar with a few of them such as using the NFC technique or a QR-code, but the latest option is called Android Zero-touch which we’ve covered in this article.

Android Enterprise

Multiple layers of security

To prevent intrusions and quickly recover so that you can feel safe about your data, Android provides multiple layers of security. Its cornerstones exist of the following elements:

  • Google Play Protect – Which is always activated and analyzes, scans and removes unwanted data.
  • Management APIs – To prevent data leakage and enforce compliance.
  • OS Platform – To ensure device and data integrity Google uses a hardened platform.
  • Hardware – Dedicated secure hardware takes care of the most critical tasks.

To learn all specific details of the security methods in Android Enterprise, click here.

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