algiz 10XR rugged tablet in the rain

Handheld announces new rugged tablet – Algiz 10XR

It’s been a busy fall for Handheld Group where they have become part of MilDef Group and launched several new products. Now the company has just announced the release of a new Windows-powered ultra-rugged 10-inch tablet, the Algiz 10XR. With huge improvements to both graphics and speed as well as 5G capabilities, it looks to push the boundaries for mobile, rugged computers.

Algiz 10XR boasts impressive versatility

The tablet has been designed to be truly adaptable and it’s easily customized for different application areas. With a versatile vehicle dock, it’s perfect for mining, logistics, waste management and any other area where you want to be able to use the device both in a vehicle and outside of it.

With u-blox functionality that offers UDR capabilities, it provides accurate navigation capabilities even when the GNSS signals are getting weak. Add in a sunlight-readable screen, some serious vibration resistance, and Algiz 10XR is the perfect digital tool for any rough ride.

As for usage outside vehicles, the rugged tablet can basically handle any type of weather. The Algiz 10XR can be navigated with gloves on, in heavy rain and it can be operated in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F). With an IP65 rating, it can handle sand, dust and low-pressure water jets. It’s also been tested according to the MIL-STD-810G standard so you know it’s truly rugged.

Powered by the Elkhart Lake platform 

The tablet runs on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC and is powered by Intel’s Elkhart Lake platform. It adds some serious performance and doubles the quality of the graphics. The Intel Elkhart Lake Atom x6313E is a 1.50 GHz, 64-bit quad-core 10th generation intel processor. The Algiz 10XR provides 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage which can be increased with a micro SDXC card. Put together it’s a package that offers serious mobile computing power.

High-speed 5G capabilities

With a device built to handle heavy data workloads you obviously need ways to effectively transfer it. The Algiz 10XR has no problems providing all the necessary bandwidth, it’s equipped with 5G capabilities for ultra-quick wireless communication. Of course, you also get WLAN, 4G/LTE and Bluetooth connectivity with NFC as an option. Additionally, there are three USB-C ports, USB-A, and the connector for the vehicle dock.

Algiz 10XR is delivered with either the standard 3520 mAh battery or the extended 6700 mAh version. It should last for the full workday without problems and if you forget to charge it, the battery is hot-swappable. This means that you can replace the battery on the tablet without it powering down.

Algiz 10XR is the complete package and will deliver the ultimate field performance. It offers performance that will be truly useful and it’s an upgrade that you are going to notice daily. For the complete rundown on all the perks of the Algiz 10XR visit the official Handheld website.