Handheld announces new, faster Nautiz X9

Nautiz X9 is an extremely rugged PDA designed specifically with tough outdoor use in mind. On the 10th of November, Handheld Group launched the new upgraded version of the popular PDA. It features a range of improvements and could possibly be the most rugged computer on the market.

It’s the second major device upgrade Handheld has announced this year, the other one being to the Nautiz X6. Just like the slightly bigger phablet, Nautiz X9 will now run on Android 11. Making it both more effective and secure than before. It will also join the X6 as Handheld’s second AER-certified device.

If you’re unfamiliar with AER, it’s short for Android Enterprise Recommended. Being certified means Google classes the product as one of the best Android devices for professional use.

Extreme ruggedness

Nautiz X9 is, according to Handheld, their most rugged device yet. It’s constructed with a magnesium casing making it very sturdy. It has an IP67 rating which makes it both dust and waterproof. 

The Nautiz X9 has also been tested by the MIL-STD-810G method and lives up to US-military standards. This rugged PDA can handle drops from 1,5 meters without problem, which is about 30 cm more than the average rugged computer. This is a device that can handle a beating in even the most extreme environments.

A faster Nautiz X9

It’s not only the durability and the OS that has been upgraded, the hardware has received its fair share of improvements as well. Nautiz X9 is fitted with two cameras, one rear-facing 13-megapixel camera and one front-facing with 5 megapixels. It is equipped with GPS/GLONASS/Galileo capabilities, twin SIM and an optional high-speed 2D scanner.

The rugged PDA has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage but the biggest upgrade, however, is to the processor. Handheld has fitted Nautiz X9 with an impressive 8-core MediaTek processor. This combination makes for a fast and effective tool that can handle several tasks at once.

There is also a big focus on versatile connectivity. The device has 4G / LTE cellular capabilities, wireless LAN as well as 5.0 Bluetooth and NFC. Sending and receiving data is not going to be a problem.

Nautiz X9 has a 3.8V 4800 mAh battery that can handle even the longest workdays, regardless of temperature. If you decide to work through the night and need more than that, the battery is field replaceable. On top of that, the Android 11 OS brings improved battery efficiency.

If you are interested in reading more about the new and improved Nautiz X9 head over to Handheld’s official website. And as always with Handheld products there is an impressive range of accessories for any situation.