Google launches Android Enterprise Recommended program

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As the numbers of Android running devices coming to the market keeps increasing, Google recently launched the Android Enterprise Recommended program. The purpose of the program is to help businesses make a better decision when searching for new enterprise devices.

Android Enterprise Recommended

To help you choose between the different manufacturers Google has now launched what’s called the Android Enterprise Recommended program. By using a shortlist of Google’s approved devices the program aims to simplify the selection process.

The devices being put on the list will have to meet a certain amount of enterprise requirements from partners trained and supported by Google in order to get verified.

Android Enterprise Recommended

By using the Android Enterprise Recommended users are said to be granted a consistent deployment via specific management and user features. Not only minimizing the time spent on deploying your devices, the program also promises a cut down on support costs.

Another key feature of Android Enterprise Recommended is the safety. The program ensures that devices are up to date by the security patches being delivered within every 90 days. At least one additional major OS update is also guaranteed for the devices included in the program.

The program’s requirements

As noticed by now there are quite a few requirements that need to be met by the devices in order to be included in the recommendation program. Below are the key aspects that will play a big role in whether a device can be verified or not:

  • Business-ready, globally available – The devices will need to offer the minimum hardware and user interface specifications for Android 7.0 or later.
  • Mass enrollment options – The devices should be able to deploy at scale through QR code and offer zero-touch enrollment on devices using Android 8.0 or later.
  • Timely updates – The device manufacturers need to deliver security patches within every 90 days and guarantee that for three years.

See the complete list of requirements for being included in Android Enterprise Recommended program.

Possible impacts of the program

In the coming months, Google says they plan to add more devices to the list. It currently includes Google’s own Pixel line-up as well as several flagship phones from the big players on the mobile market. Worth to notice is that Samsung isn’t part of the list yet.

Android Enterprise Recommended

What’s interesting is also that Google says they will use the approach of the program to verify rugged devices. This states that they really are pushing to make Android the go-to OS for reliable workplace tools. In direct competition with Apple’s iOS and Mac OS as well as Microsoft’s Windows.

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