Google is working on a one-handed mode in Android

The One-handed mode

For users on the run who needs to control their devices in a quick and easy manner, Android might include a new smart feature in the upcoming version of the OS.

The new one-handed mode wasn’t featured in the first Android 12 developer preview, but in the second one it’s included and fully working as seen below:

How it works

According to the feature gets three options in the settings menu.

  • An on/off toggle to enable the feature.
  • A second toggle that turns off the one-handed mode automatically when you switch between apps.
  • A third option to set a timeout on the feature after 4,8, or 12 seconds or have it turned off entirely.

It’s still not certain if the one-handed mode will end up in the final Android 12 version, but it looks very likely since it’s included in this late developer preview.