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Google Assistant can now read web pages out loud

Save time with Google Assistant

Every day we spend lots of time reading and consuming text on our mobile devices. Imagine being able to instead get this content read out loud in your headphones while you’re having your hands full on a worksite. Well, that’s now possible using Google Assistant on your Android device.

When displaying a web page, you simply say, “Hey Google, read this page” and you will immediately have the content read out to you. If you’d like to follow along your browser will automatically scroll the page and highlight the words that are being read.

Includes several options

Furthermore, there are options to change the reading speed and choose from multiple voices. And if the content isn’t in your native language, Google Assistant can translate the content and read it for you in 42 languages!

The feature was first announced earlier this year but is now starting to roll out and will work on all Android devices running Android 5 (Lollipop) or above.

See the video on top of this page to see how it works in practice.