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Environmental Cost of Ownership (Rugged vs. Consumer devices)

Choosing a mobile computer

When deciding which mobile device to invest in, there are loads of things to consider. You’ll definitely have some requirements both in terms of specs and a price limit. It’s also of highest interest whether it’s easy to use and if it’s reliable enough for your work.

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Lately, the focus has also been slightly shifted for companies investing in mobile devices. Looking beyond form and features, another factor that has increased in priority for businesses is if this choice of product goes in line with our social responsibility commitment?

More and more companies are starting to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) belief – meaning it’s their duty to care for all stakeholders connected to or impacted by its operation.

The global electronic waste problem

Businesses are also recognizing their responsibility to recognize how the way their use of technology affects the global electronic waste problem.

As technology evolves and electronic devices are getting less expensive, their lifecycles are also becoming shorter. The underlying causes of this are mainly that these products are designed to only last a couple of years, in combination with the desire of consumers to always own the latest technology.

Investing in electronic devices with longer life expectancy is one way to decrease the global e-waste.

According to The Global E-waste monitor, the global e-waste during 2016 amounted to 44.7 million metric tons, equivalent to almost 4,500 Eiffel Towers. And even if many manufacturers offer recycling services, only 20% of global e-waste is documented to be collected and recycled.

One easy way to make a less negative impact on the environment and boost your company’s CSR belief is to invest in products with longer life expectancy.

This way they make sure future generations enjoy the benefits of technology more than they have to contend with its harmful side effects.

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