handheld nautiz x9 dropped in water
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Drop and impact detection on mobile devices

What kind of ruggedness do I need?

Wondering whether you should deploy fully-rugged devices or continue with consumer-grade alternatively semi-rugged devices? In order to take that decision, there are many ways to find out how ruggedized your device needs to be.

The main thing to do is, as we’ve mentioned earlier here on the blog, to ask yourself what conditions your device will be exposed to. But there are other ways as well.

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Detection of needs for rugged devices

Software provider B2M uses data from a device accelerometer and analyze it with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to detect if a device is dropped or exposed to other forceful impacts or rough handling.

handheld nautiz x2 on concrete
The Handheld Nautiz X2 withstands several drops in tough environments.

What B2M are trying to achieve with their drop detection is to help you better understand the context in which your devices are used. In a blog post they share several questions that the software should be able to answer for you, such as:

  • At the next device refresh, do we need fully-rugged devices, or would cheaper semi-rugged or consumer-grade devices also suffice for the intended usage environment?
  • Are devices sufficiently secured when in a vehicle?
  • How often do drops result in RMAs and replacement of devices?

Learn more about B2M.

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