Rugged Tablets for Drill Hole Surveyors
In the Field

Data Collection – one of the most established uses for rugged handhelds

Data Collection – going into the field to collect information, and getting back to an internal back-end system – is one of the most consistent uses for rugged handheld computers. Long the domain of a pen & paper, companies have found enormous efficiency gains by switching to an electronic data collection process. Electronic data collection dramatically reduces typos, errors, and problems with writing legibility. It also saves time since the information doesn’t need to be re-entered into the computer system back at the office.

Drill Hole Surveyors

For example, engineers and geologists are improving efficiency and accuracy with complete portable hole surveying solutions. An Australian directional surveying and equipment provider packages Handheld Algiz 7 and Algiz 10X ultra-rugged tablets with software and gyroscopic surveying probes to collect critical information about the geological composition of drilling sites.

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Water Quality Technicians

Algiz-10X-capacitiveAnother example of rugged handhelds being used for data collection is the Algiz 10X with a proprietary power circuitry module and custom software by HydrotechZS Consulting that maximize the data collector’s performance with industry-specific water quality monitoring equipment, saving time and preserving power. HydroTech’s customers include many government environmental agencies and city employees. Owner Zak Sihalla reports that his clients have been able to replace multiple GPS units, multiprobe displays and field PCs with just one of this new system. They can save all their work directly on the unit, with no paper forms to fill out by hand. They can also send data to the office before leaving the field, using the unit’s built-in Wi-Fi.

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