Algiz 8X Rugged Tablet in Water
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Consumer vs. Rugged devices

Product reviews are an excellent way to get information on devices you might be considering. Does anyone purchase from Amazon without first reading the reviews? While the rugged mobile computer industry fits more of a niche, you can also get excellent information from professional product reviews. One of the most prolific product reviewers for rugged devices is Conrad Blickenstorfer from Conrad’s reviews are incredibly detailed and thorough. Plus, with decades of experience, he knows just what to look for.

From his review of the Handheld Algiz 8X rugged tablet: “Note right upfront that the Algiz 8X was never meant to be sort of an iPad mini for the field. The Handheld Group believes that computers for the field must be designed for the job and built rugged from the ground up. With all the protection they might need, and all the functionality of a modern general-purpose Windows PC.”

So true! While many of our customers use consumer devices in their personal lives, we build devices that are ruggedized for extreme environments, industrial use, or other challenging environments. Ruggedization isn’t merely putting a case around a fragile computer. When we create a rugged mobile computer, we start at the internal components, ruggedize those, and then move out from there, ruggedizing all the way. It is this kind of attention to detail that our customers appreciate, whether they are working in a high-vibration landfill environment or mounting their tablet on a warehouse forklift.