Android in 2022: New helpful features for you

Google had an impressive list of announcements prepared for CES 2022 but unfortunately, they ended up pulling out due to Covid concerns. The good news is that they ended up releasing more than a few teasers anyway. The general goal they seem to be headed towards is a complete and seamless experience. Smooth switching between devices and effortless IoT integrations. Here are some of the exciting features to look forward to with Android in 2022.

The highlights of Android in 2022

Quick setup of new devices

The average American has more than doubled the number of devices they keep in their home during the last two years. While getting new devices is a whole lot of fun, setting them up is usually not. In 2022 Android intends to simplify this in several ways.

Fast Pair will let you connect all your Matter smart home devices to your network and Google Home app with a few clicks. It’s not only for smart home devices and audio, it also works with wearables and even cars. Getting a new Chromebook is going to be a smoother experience as well. You can set it up with your phone and automatically share all your saved information such as WiFi passwords and login details.

Lock and unlock your devices

When Google is talking about devices and Android in 2022 this extends a bit further than phones and speakers. We are now talking about cars as devices. This year you will be able to lock and unlock your BMW with selected Pixel and Samsung smartphones. It’s also possible to securely send your digital car key to friends and family if they are going to borrow it. According to Android, the plan is to add more devices as well as cars later in the year.

If you have a Wear OS smartwatch, that is also going to turn into a key in 2022. This one will be for unlocking Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones that it’s paired with. A quick and safe way to log in.

Switch between devices seamlessly

One of the most useful features announced by Android is that they intend to make Bluetooth headphones smarter. They’re working on a technology that will make the headset automatically switch its connected device to the one you are watching. As an example, if you’re watching a youtube clip on your computer and your phone rings, the headset will swap its connection to the phone automatically.

You will also get cross-device access to all your favorite chat apps. That means you can leave your phone charging in a different room and respond to incoming messages on your Chromebook. Finally, Google has also developed their own version of AirDrop, called Nearby Share. It’s a very simple and smooth way to send files between devices. The first version will work between Android units and Chromebooks but soon Windows devices will be added as well.