tech trends for 2023
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5 Tech trends for 2023

The end of the year is closing in quickly and it’s time to look toward what the next has in store for tech. We’re looking at increased connectivity, with higher data loads and a bigger emphasis on sustainability. These are the top 5 tech trends for 2023.


Be it by Wi-Fi, cellular networks or satellites, soon everything is going to be connected to the internet. With new technologies, like 5G and Starlink, on the verge of mainstream breakouts, this trend should be accelerating further. As the network grows and new, quality devices will need 5G compatibility to be future-proof.

More rural areas won’t see a 5G network anytime soon, they will instead turn to the quickly growing Starlink network. The modern fieldworker will have to be connected to keep up with the productivity demands. Mobile computing power with the right connectivity is a key tech trend for 2023.


It’s mostly been a buzzword so far but many industry experts are now calling it one of the tech trends to watch for the upcoming year. Augmented reality is the area that should see the biggest professional use as it should match up well with another growing trend, wearable tech. AR glasses that provide live instructions and checklists as a worker is running maintenance could be one application area. Perhaps 2023 will be the year when we see AR get some real professional usage.


Environmental impact is something that just continues to increase in importance for companies around the globe. Governments are enforcing harsher regulations and the end consumer grows increasingly aware of the origin of the product they purchase. Companies need to keep up, stay ahead of the game and above all keep future generations in mind.

So how does sustainability relate to tech trends in 2023? Every single tech investment will need to be compared to its impact on the environment. The components needed to produce modern tech hardware, like rare-earth minerals, are not exactly environmentally friendly to extract. It’s essential to be selective when making tech investments, choose devices with a long lifespan and keep the environmental cost of ownership in mind.


It’s been trending for a couple of years now but cybercrimes are on pace for yet another record year. As the number of connected devices grows, so does the number of targets for cyberattacks. Companies will be facing threats from ransomware, hacktivists as well as government-funded hacker groups. There will be more devices to protect and more threats to protect against.

Supply chains

There are so many problems facing the global supply chains in 2023. The current geopolitical situation is completely changing the landscape and the ripples of the pandemic are still being felt. We have a labor shortage and growing inflation, which has made prices highly difficult to predict. The issues with port congestion and ocean freight bottlenecks are yet to be resolved and we also face a global warehouse shortage.

The tech trend lies in the solution, companies will have to use data analytics to make better predictions and mitigate the risks. It will be crucial to have technology in place that can quickly recalculate routes and optimize supply chains.