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In the Field

5 Field Studies on Rugged Computers for GIS & mapping

Traditional computers won’t always meet the needs of GIS and mapping applications in the field where environmental factors pose significant challenges. Rugged computers are built to handle harsh conditions and provide a reliable solution for professionals. In this article, we’re going to give you some real-world examples of how rugged computers streamline work with GIS and mapping.

5 Case Studies on using Rugged Computers for GIS and Mapping

Precision agriculture

ARVAtec, an Italian agriculture technology specialist, has developed a simple and efficient GNSS staking system. Its performance is especially obvious when used on large acreage and slope changes. It’s an ideal solution for the planting of orchards, olive groves, and vineyards. Their ARVAplant Mobile system is smart, efficient and minimizes the need for labor as well as calculates the required materials.

To achieve its precision in determining the lay of the land and best planting options ARVAtec uses Algiz 8X, a rugged tablet from Handheld. Paired with a GNSS receiver with dual frequency L1 + L2, which allows centimeter-level accuracy.

The system brings several advantages, it minimizes the number of workers, reduces tracking times, streamlines operations, and decreases waste. On top of that it designs the entire planting in the field and precisely determines the quantities of material needed before starting. ARVAtec’s goal is to create innovative technologies for agriculture that improve the quality of it and, therefore, everyone’s life.
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Surveying made simple

GeoGenie and the Algiz RT8 rugged tablet are changing the game of field data collection and mapping. Designed for both professional surveyors and non-pros, GeoGenie offers a streamlined and efficient solution for organizations that need to collect data in the field. With its customizable procedural workflows, management of user hierarchies, and integration with other organizational information systems, GeoGenie is a state-of-the-art application generator for rapid customization and creation of geo-centric information systems.

GeoGenie can connect with professional surveying equipment, such as GPS and total stations, and integrates all the data into a cloud-based central database with no restrictions on specific data collection hardware. The Algiz RT8 rugged Android tablet is the perfect fit for GeoGenie’s customized workflow, with direct data entry, and connectivity to any GPS device.

The benefits of GeoGenie and Algiz RT8 are not limited to professional surveyors. With GeoGenie, data collection and mapping can be done by anyone within the company, with or without formal surveying skills. GeoGenie and Algiz RT8 are changing the way organizations collect data in the field, making it fast, accessible, and accurate for everyone.
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Predicting the progress

Construction companies can now determine in real-time what materials are needed on a job site while also ordering them from the office. Thanks to the Nautiz X6 ultra-rugged phablet from Handheld, a GNSS receiver, and €asyGIS software. The slim and lightweight Nautiz X6 has an IP67 rating, making it fully dust and waterproof, and offers a sunlight-readable 6-inch touchscreen display with super-hardened Gorilla Glass, ideal for construction sites.

The German company VH Software and the Siegen software company isl-kocher have developed a cloud-based solution called €asyGIS. It integrates with accounting software and uses the Nautiz X6 phablet as a rugged data collector and communication device. 

By using geo-tagged photos, cloud technology, and constant internet connectivity, data from the construction site is always synchronized with the office. It enables site managers and account managers to receive measurements, images, and other data in real time. This approach creates new dynamic work processes between the site and the office. It allows for quick decision-making by site managers and allows them to make precise plans for specific work areas.
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Surveying storm impacts

The University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Coastal Hazards Lab is using the Algiz 8X rugged tablet computer to analyze coastal change after devastating storms. Dr. Joseph Long, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at UNCW, uses the rugged tablet in combination with an external high-accuracy GNSS receiver to perform topographic surveys at Masonboro Island. The topographic surveys help Long to better understand the impacts of storm events and the role that natural recovery has in the resilience of the nation’s coastline. 

The Algiz 8X is a powerful tablet, perfect for professional scientific data capture, while its intuitive design and ruggedness are perfect for new users and tough environments. The combination of speed and multi-faceted communication features makes it well-suited to scientific data capture. The Algiz 8X is IP65-rated and offers protection against water, small particles of dust, dirt, and extreme temperatures as well as repeated drops. In combination with its compact and lightweight design, it’s the perfect tool for the job.
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Make surveying affordable

Small businesses that require GPS surveying solutions now have access to more affordable and user-friendly options, thanks to Belgian GPS solutions provider Surveyour. Founder and owner Alex Groenendaal decided to develop solutions that use affordable, easy-to-use tools and found a winning combination with rugged computers from Handheld Group and GPS technology from CHC Navigation. Surveyour’s GPS Pro kit combines an ultra-rugged lightweight GPS receiver with the Nautiz X8 4.7-inch rugged PDA from Handheld. It’s an excellent solution for surveying and GPS-related tasks that don’t require the expertise of a professional, licensed surveyor.

The Nautiz X8 is an ultra-rugged, IP67-rated device that meets stringent U.S. military standards for ruggedness. It’s impervious to dust and water and can survive rough handling and challenging outdoor and industrial environments, from extreme temperatures to continuous strong vibrations. The large capacitive touchscreen and numeric keypad make navigation and data entry simple.
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