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5 areas where rugged computers streamline the defense industry

Navigation and tracking

The GPS and GIS compatibility make rugged mobile computers a great tool for navigation tasks. The devices can be mounted in vehicles via hardwired docks, but they’re also removable for fieldwork on foot.

With features such as barcode scanning, RFID, and NFC readers, rugged computers are ideal for tracking anything from vehicles and personnel to equipment.


To increase efficiency and safety for military administration, real-time communication is key. With the help of rugged computers, status changes and updates can be communicated immediately to vehicles for a better workflow.

The devices can often operate on a range of networks such as secure cellular, LAN, and encrypted WiFi keeping classified information confidential.

Rugged computers can help streamline the workflow for military workers in many ways.


By taking advantage of the vivid sunlight-readable displays, skill training is also benefited when using rugged computers. Workers can easily view video tutorials, training modules, photos, and other simulations in outdoor environments.

The training-manuals can either be pre-loaded onto the devices or be accessed through the wide range of connectivity options provided by rugged computers.

Inventory and maintenance

By gathering and storing inventory records, rugged handhelds and rugged tablets heavily increases the efficiency of keeping mission-critical data up-to-date on a military base.

Maintenance also gets a boost since field computers can help users communicate with supervisors, open repair manuals while working with vehicles, aircrafts, and ships.

handheld nautiz x6
The Handheld Nautiz X6 meets a wide range of the MIL-STD-810G test standards.

Data collection

As mentioned earlier, a huge range of data can be collected safe and quick by using rugged computers. The specifications on these devices includes several MIL-STD-810G tests, ensuring that military personnel can carry on their work in any harsh environments without interruptions.

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